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Business License Online Application

CITY OF CLOVIS - NEW online Business License Application:

-- Business licenses are renewed on a calendar year basis and expire on December 31st.

-- Business start date is the first date your business started in the City of Clovis.

-- Payment will not be required until your application has been accepted. You will receive an email verifying the receipt of application. Within 10 days an email containing the amount due and instructions how to make payment online. Please note, you will not receive your Business Tax Certificate for 10 days AFTER your fees have been paid.

To assist you in getting started, please use the following checklist of items that should be examined prior to opening your business. With the exception of the Planning Department all other items can be done concurrently. Any non-compliant items may cause additional delays.

Recommended Steps - Contact the following agencies FIRST:

1.) Planning Department at (559)324-2340 to determine if your location is zoned correctly for the type of business you are operating.
2.) Fire Department at (559)324-2200 to schedule an inspection and consultation with our Fire Prevention staff.
3.) Building Department at (559)324-2390 to schedule an inspection. A valid Certificate of Occupancy is required to be posted at each business location.
4.) Public Utilities Department Water Division at (559)324-2609 Depending on the type of business, a backflow prevention device may be required at the metered water service as specified by Clovis Municipal Code Section 6.5.112.
5.) Police Department at (559)324-2410 if your business serves or sells alcohol, provides adult entertainment or products, provides massage services, electronic repair or gaming, or if you are a firearms dealer or a secondhand dealer.
6.) Finance Department at (559)324-2130, or via our website, www.CityofClovis.com to sign up for utility services (water, sewer, refuse and street sweeping).

Please CLICK HERE to visit our webpage for more Clovis Business License information, fee schedule, and forms.

If you are a first time business owner in the City of Clovis and are eligible to apply for a business tax certificate online, click on the 'Begin Registration>>' button to start the online application process.

Thank you for bringing your business to Clovis! We wish you success!